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Hospitality Market Report

Cape Town, April 2016

The broader Cape Town area is a highly desired location for corporate as well as domestic and international leisure visitors. This strong leisure and corporate base combined with the South African Parliament and venues such as the Cape Town International Convention Centre creates a diverse market mix for hotels and positions the City as one of the strongest performing hotel nodes in the Country.

Hospitality Market Snapshot

East Africa, June 2016

According to BMI Research, East Africa is expected to deliver the strongest real GDP growth in Sub-Saharan Africa over the next decade. The region is expected to generate an average real GDP growth rate of 5,6% versus 5,0% in Central Africa, 4,7% in West Africa and 4,4% in Southern Africa.

Hospitality Market Snapshot

Oil Economies, 2015

Between 2011 and 2012 the annual basket price for oil (as indicated by OPEC) was at its highest levels at approximately US$107 and US$109 respectively. By the end of 2014 an oversupply of oil (driven by a number of factors) saw the price drop below US$100 per barrel. In 2015 prices reached US$49 and year to date March 2016, prices were approximately US$30 per barrel.

Hospitality Market

Nairobi & Its Suburbs, June 2016

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