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May 30, 2018
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Hospitality Consulting Africa

Hospitality consulting in Africa is a dynamic field and staying abreast of market trends is key when undertaking hospitality consulting on this continent. The type of services focused on in hospitality consulting in Africa differs depending on the conditions in individual markets.

Given the historical scarcity of quality hotels in Africa and the lack of international brands, the hospitality consulting sector has been focused on providing development-focused services, which include market and financial feasibility studies, operator selection, debt and equity financing, etc.

During market downturns, the nature of hospitality consulting in Africa switches to services for distressed assets or markets. When assessing distressed assets, it is common for companies involved in hospitality consulting in Africa to provide owners with a number of options, which include:

  • Restructuring of debt
  • Asset management
  • Brokerage
  • Valuations
  • Equity investors


In recent years, the hospitality consulting services in countries in West Africa that rely on commodities have focused largely on restructuring, brokerage, and asset management. Conversely, in cities such as Cape Town, located at the southern tip of Africa, hospitality consulting services have been focused on development. Limited new supply in the past eight years, combined with increasing levels of demand for Cape Town as a leisure destination, has created a positive environment for investment.

As a primary player in the hospitality consulting space in Africa, HTI Consulting has been involved in providing services in booming markets, as well as distressed markets. In Cape Town, HTI Consulting has been involved in over eight new hotel developments in the last three years, ranging from market and financial feasibility studies, to operator selection and debt financing. Because Nigeria, the biggest market in Africa, has been under considerable commodities pressure in recent years, the hospitality consulting services provided include asset management, brokerage, and due diligence work.

Considering the gradual increase in oil prices, hospitality consulting services in commodity-based economies in West Africa, such as Ghana, Angola, and Nigeria, could see growth in development-focused services. Conversely, oversupply and political challenges are likely to see a possible growth in hospitality consulting services focused on distressed assets in East Africa.

HTI Consulting has extensive experience in the hospitality sector across the African continent in both booming and distressed markets. Our team is able to handle diverse conditions and is well suited to meeting the needs of investors or owners seeking to divest. Our service levels match our experience, and as the only homegrown hospitality consulting company in Africa, HTI Consulting is the right company to meet your hospitality needs.

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