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May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018

Hospitality Consulting

Key elements of Hotel Development


Hospitality consulting remains a key element of hotel development. Hospitality consulting entails advisory and transaction services to the hotel real estate industry. Through hospitality consulting, the interests and objectives of the three primary parties in a hotel development transaction are taken into consideration to ensure that the partnership is beneficial to each member.

HTI Consulting is one of the leading tourism and hospitality consulting firms on the African continent. The hospitality consulting firm is headed up by Mr Wayne Troughton, who has more than 20 years of experience in hospitality and advisory consulting in South Africa and throughout Africa. As hospitality consulting specialists, HTI Consulting has worked in more than 40 African countries and conducted approximately 400 assignments focused on hospitality consulting and transactional services.

A unique selling point at HTI Consulting is the diversity of the hospitality consulting team, with select staff members who are fluent in French and Portuguese, which allows the firm to reach both francophone and lusophone countries when selling hospitality consulting services.

The primary processes incorporated into hospitality consulting are a thorough analysis of the hotel operating environment, commonly known as the Hotel Market Assessment, followed by the Financial Assessment, which determines the viability of the project. These components of hospitality consulting are coupled with a macroeconomic and tourism overview to create a well-rounded Hospitality Consulting Feasibility Study, which is commonly conducted by HTI Consulting.

When conducting hospitality consulting projects, the team at HTI Consulting tends to provide advisory services to one of the three parties involved in the hotel transaction. The three parties involved in the transaction are the owner, the operator, and the lender. In their individual capacity, each partner will require the services and expertise outlined by hospitality consulting and advisory firms to ensure that the deal is structured according to industry norms. The owners are primarily interested in returns, the branded operator’s primary interest is the market presence, and the lenders need to achieve an adequate overall risk-adjusted return on the investment. Depending on the client, these objectives are carefully managed by the hospitality consulting team at HTI Consulting.

Given our dynamic hospitality consulting and transactional advisory team, HTI Consulting has built up a strong reputation on the African continent and continues to be one of the key hospitality consulting firms utilised in the industry.

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