Hotel Brokerage

Within this service offering are both Investment Sales (“sell side”) and Acquisition Advisory (“buy side”), depending on whether HTI Consulting’s client is the hotel owner/seller, or the investor/purchaser, respectively. Regardless of which side of the transaction HTI Consulting is acting on, we ensure that our clients are regularly kept abreast of proceedings and updated throughout the deal process.

Investment Sales

The aim of HTI Consulting’s Investment Sales service is to find a willing and able buyer for the hotel, within a predetermined marketing process. This process will depend on whether HTI Consulting is granted an exclusive or a non-exclusive mandate by the seller. An exclusive mandate would embody a broader, more public, advertising of the hotel in the marketplace. Regardless of the mandate, HTI Consulting strives to create a competitive and time efficient marketing process (using our large international database of Afro-centric qualified hotel investors) so as to ensure that the client’s returns are maximised.

HTI Consulting is also able to assist clients who are interested in disposing of a share of the equity in the ownership structure of their hotel.

Acquisition Advisory

When acting on behalf of one of our clients looking to invest in a hotel, HTI Consulting uses its local African experience to provide market, economic, political, and even site specific advice. HTI Consulting assists it clients in arriving at a market related price (valuation) for the hotel asset, and then facilitates the negotiation process on behalf of the client. HTI Consulting can either approach the owner of an existing hotel on behalf of a client in an unsolicited manner, or we can understand the client’s investment criteria and provide the client with hotel assets that match these. The ongoing market research that is being undertaken on a daily basis throughout the African continent places HTI Consulting at a competitive advantage in this sense.

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