Hotel Property Valuations

Performing valuations in developing countries can provide a number of challenges compared to those within developed economies including uncertainty about future growth, lack of data, inability to find comparable benchmarks and increased competition for assets. HTI Consulting’s valuations team mitigates these challenges through our strong understanding of African markets brought on by extensive on the ground work within 43 African markets. With this, we are able to utilise local knowledge to provide accurate and fair valuations.

Our 4-phase methodology allows us to perform extensive property and market research in order to have an in-depth understanding of the factors that will influence the future cash flows, and in turn the fair value. Our conclusions and recommendations are based on our research, analysis, experience and knowledge of the market. Based on this research we are able to provide both short form and long form valuations.

Hotel Valuation Assignments

  • Market research for a fair valuation of a 5-star hotel in Lusaka;,
  • Single asset valuation of an internationally branded 5-star hotel in Lomé
  • Single asset valuation upon completion of an office building to be converted into a 4-star internationally branded hotel in Cape Town
  • Portfolio valuation of 4 internationally branded hotels around South Africa
  • Preliminary market and financial feasibility study and valuation for 140-unit apartment hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg;
  • High level financial viability and valuation for a 100-unit apartment hotel in Eastern Johannesburg;
  • Valuation and business plan for a 100-unit apartment hotel in Eastern Johannesburg;
  • Feasibility and valuation for the purchase of an upmarket leisure resort and spa in northern Zanzibar.

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