Cape Town’s Water Crisis Not A Dampener To Tourism Prospects

By Hospitality Marketplace
4 April 2018

Earlier this year, as news of Cape Town’s water crisis reach the world and ‘Day Zero’ predictions loomed ever larger (on 17 January Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille announced the city had reached “a point of no return” in its water supplies, and that Day Zero was virtually guaranteed in a matter of weeks) so vital questions were raised as to the impact on the hospitality market in the Mother City.
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Africa’s Hotel Market – The 2017 Year in Review

By Wayne Troughton
29 March 2018

The African hotel market experienced another eventful and evolutionary year in 2017. The continent continued to attract new regional and global investment, whilst economic and political events, currency shifts and fluctuating tourism demand brought both risks and rewards to hotel markets across the region.
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A noticeable shift in SA’s mixed-use hospitality investments

By PropertyWheel_GLP
22 March 2017

Historically, few SA developers looked to own hotels, instead opting to secure leases through the typical developers model used in other asset classes,” he explains. “More recently, however, a number of factors have resulted in the construction of more hotels within larger mixed-use buildings and communities.
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SA seeing marked upswing in mixed-use hospitality investment with entrance of large property developers

By eProperty News
22 March 2017

Recently, we’ve witnessed a noticeable shift in the nature of hotel development in South Africa and the manner in which such developments are funded and owned,” states Wayne Troughton, CEO of HTI Consulting, a specialist hospitality and real estate consulting firm.
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Sun City relaunches after R1bn worth of upgrades in the last five years

Alistair Anderson
01 December 2016

As much as R1bn has been spent on upgrading the Sun City entertainment centre over the past five years, and owner Sun International believes the development remains a popular leisure destination for South Africans.

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Melrose Arch is going up a notch

By Alistair Anderson
09 October 2016

In the past 11 years, since the Melrose Arch precinct in Johannesburg first hit the map, a series of additions has helped it become a bustling hub.
Now Amdec, the main shareholder and property development company of the premium mixed-use development, plans to more than double the precinct’s size to 600,000m² from its existing 250,000m², and add more high-end shops, apartments and offices. It has about 325,000m² of land suitable for the development.

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by PropertyWheel_GLP
29 Sep 2016

“East Africa is expected to deliver the strongest real GDP growth in Sub-Saharan Africa over the next decade, according to BMI Research,”says Wayne Troughton, CEO of specialist global hospitality and tourism consultancy, HTI Consulting, who have recently undertaken extensive market and feasibility studies, due diligence, finance raising and hotel operator selection assignments in several EAC countries.

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New hotel entrants up the ante

By: Tessa Reed
30 Aug 2016

International and regional hotel brands are moving into Africa, changing the landscape and becoming formidable competitors to longstanding hotels. Earlier this year, a report from W Hospitality Group found the number of planned hotel rooms in Africa was up 30% on last year.

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Is Africa’s hotel pipeline sustainable?

By Tessa Reed
24 Aug 2016

Earlier this year, the W Hospitality Group Hotel Chain Development Pipeline Survey revealed that the number of planned hotel rooms in Africa was up to 64 000 in 365 hotels. This is an almost 30% increase compared with last year, driven by strong growth in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Bright future for African hotel industry – analyst

By Hilka Birns
15 Aug 2016

The hotel industry in Africa has a lot more potential for growth than in almost any other part of the world, according to Tim Smith, Managing Partner of global hospitality consultancy, HVS.

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Staying power

Kirsten Hill
12 August 2016

Tourism is just one of the factors that can affect the hospitality industry and hotel property development. HTI Consulting CEO Wayne Troughton talks about trends driving the sector

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‘Oil impact’ on West African hospitality sector places emphasis on quality offerings

15 June 2016

“The impact of current oil prices on hospitality in African economies is undoubtedly dependent on various factors,” says Wayne Troughton, CEO of international hospitality and tourism specialists, HTI Consulting, who recently issued a market snapshot on the topic. “The level of economic diversity, the future pipeline for new hotel development and the length of time oil prices remain depressed, these all have a role to play in driving hospitality trends in West African countries.”

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Tourism grows on weak rand and softer visa rules

By Fifi Peters
26 April 2016

FOREIGN arrivals to SA rose in February, extending the increase witnessed in January, with tourists lured by the weak rand and the relaxation of visa laws.

Figures released by Statistics SA (Stats SA) on Monday showed that 1,285,698 foreign travellers visited SA in February, a 13.4% increase from 1,133,411 over the same month last year.

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Ghana: Oil Slump – Hospitality Industry ‘Resilient’

21 March 2016

HTI Consulting’s 2015 Hospitality Market Snapshot has revealed that the hospitality industry in Ghana’s national capital, Accra, remained “resilient” despite economic challenges ranging from bad power supply, rise in inflation and falls in the value of the cedi.

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Addis Ababa’s rapid growth deemed sustainable

By Terence Baker
10 February 2016

Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa is the poster child of African hotel development, with several international hotel chains and the capacity to absorb additional supply.

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Occupancies up as accommodation supply growth slows

By: Daniella Di Gaspero
1 Feb 2016

Occupancy levels rose by one percentage point last year from 62,7% in 2014 to 63,7% in 2015, according to an STR census of all grades of accommodation. The year also saw a 0,9% growth in hotels and 1,6% growth in room numbers. In 2014, there were 44 886 rooms in SA and last year there were 45 603 rooms.

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Getting Real With The Numbers, Has Africa’s Hotel Boom Been Overstated?

By Dana Sanchez
10 June 2015

About 50,000 rooms at 270 hotels in Africa are on the books for development in 2015 but some of them may not materialize due to a shortage of expert skills, insufficient funding and red tape.

W Hospitality Group, a company that advises the hotel and tourism industry, released a report this month saying about 60 deals had been in the pipeline between 2006 and 2011 with the potential to produce 13,500 new rooms in Africa.

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Africa’s hospitality industry taking its shape

By Ann Kagumu
31 July 2014

Hotel industry in Africa has become an eye catch to many investors, and a business that is generating massive revenue to countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa just to mention a few. For decades Africa has attracted tourists through game reserves, new adventure, fueling the construction of safaris resorts, camps, and hotels.

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Figures suggest Hotel Industry recovery has legs

By SA Commercial Prop News
25 March 2014

Hotel occupancy and room-rates for the majority of the key South African cities have grown during 2013, according to Analysts and CEOs in the sector.
The South African hotel industry looks to be emerging from its post-Soccer World Cup slump‚ occupancy and room-rate figures for last year show.
Analysts and CEOs in the sector have said companies have turned a corner‚ after a difficult period during which oversupply as a result of development for the 2010 Soccer World Cup led to low occupation rates.

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How resource extraction is developing Africa’s hospitality industry

by Kate Douglas
7 March 2014

There have been a number of oil, gas and mineral discoveries across Africa in recent years which have attracted a considerable amount of investment in infrastructure and supporting services for their extraction. One industry that certainly benefits from the discovery and production of these resources is the hospitality industry.

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Infrastructure Challenges Faced By South Africa’s Hotel Industry

CNBC Africa
1 Jul 2013

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HTI Consulting Expands its Physical Presence in Nigeria

Hospitality and Real Estate Consulting firm HTI Consulting announced this week that the company is expanding its presence in the Nigerian market and has recruited Adetope Kayode as Vice President for Advisory and Transactions to head up their growth in Nigeria. Adetope with his vast experience in Nigeria and sub-saharan Africa, will be based in Lagos, Nigeria as of 01 June 2016.

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Ep. 13: Wayne Troughton, CEO, HTI Consulting

Mr Troughton talks about the considerable changes to the investment landscape in Africa, with Bench Events UK MD, Matthew Weihs. From new operators in the marketplace to an increasing plethora of options for stakeholders at all levels in the ecosystem, this conversation covers the results of a survey aimed at helping investors navigate these factors.

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“A lot of investments on the continent are in limbo because decisions cannot be made when commodity prices are low.”

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